#01: How Intermittent Fasting was the Catalyst for Change | Cole Hastings

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Cole Hastings (@eightfold_fitness) is currently completing a degree in cognitive science at the University of Buffalo, New York. Cole is also a plant-based bodybuilder and spends his spare time creating YouTube videos about personal development, the importance of eating plant-based and how to get the most out of weight lifting workouts. Cole is a relative newcomer to the plant-based space but his passion for bringing value to his followers is something to be admired.

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  • Introduction to Cole Hastings. [01:30]

  • Cole shares how he got started on YouTube. [03:50]

  • Cole experiments with intermittent fasting and ketosis. [06:08]

  • What was the catalyst for trying a vegetarian diet and how was it received by your family? [10:36]

  • Cole chats about his future goals, inside and outside of the gym. [16:29]

  • What is your favourite type of content to make for YouTube? [22:42]

  • Cole describes how he has used YouTube to learn everything from video editing to weightlifting. [25:00]

  • Cole runs through what kind of meals he eats in a typical day. [28:27]

  • Cole discusses his take on tracking macronutrients and calories. [32:48]

  • Cole breaks down the protein myth that is popular in the weightlifting community. [34:21]

  • Do you have coffee or any pre-workout supplements? [38:46]

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