#03: An Intuitive Approach to Eating is the Most Sustainable Option | Joey BuMagat


Joey BuMagat (@plantbuiltstrong) is a film and photography university student from London that spends his spare time studying nutritional science. Joey is a passionate advocate for a plant-based diet and works to serve his large following by creating content for his successful Instagram account in the form of simplified nutritional information. Joey is also a fitness enthusiast and works to show others how they can gain functional strength inside the gym, fuelled by a 100% plant diet.

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  • Introduction to Joey BuMagat. [01:04]

  • Joey talks about his university experience and why he changed from pharmaceutical science to film and photography. [02:55]

  • Joey explains how, and why, his Instagram account garners so much attention and engagement. [05:15]

  • Joey chats about his experience shifting to a plant-based diet and how he uses the gym as a form of therapy. [07:26]

  • Joey shares his thoughts on the 80/20 rule and why processed forms of plant-based proteins are not necessary. [10:15]

  • What’s your earliest recollection where you made the connection between diet and what you eat and your overall health? [14:00]

  • Joey explains why he doesn’t track his macros and calories and why it could evolve into an eating disorder. [14:44]

  • For people that are looking to try a plant-based diet, what do you think the biggest challenge for would be and how would someone overcome that? [21:15]

  • Joey talks about functional fitness in the gym and the importance of form and consistency. [24:48]

  • Joey and I chat about egos and anxiety in the gym. [27:22]

  • What is the one thing have you been really into in the last 3 months and what do you want to tell the world about? [31:30]

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