#04: Good Nutrition Doesn't Have to be Hard or Expensive | Kiah Paetz

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Kiah Paetz (@plantnutritionwellness) is a registered dietitian (APD) from Brisbane, Australia. Kiah runs and operates her own private practice called Plant Nutrition & Wellness, catering to a wide range of people and helping them to prevent and manage chronic disease. Kiah’s philosophy emphasises the importance of evidence-based research in nutrition, focusing on the benefits and impact that a whole-foods plant-based diet can provide. In addition to her consultations, Kiah is also a prominent social media influencer and is often involved in seminars and workshops where she showcases how simple and affordable a plant-based diet can be.

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  • Introduction to Kiah Paetz. [1:14]

  • Kiah and I chat about how we got started studying nutrition and dietetics. [2:59]

  • What’s the biggest joy you get from being a dietitian and by helping clients? [6:32]

  • What is the most overlooked aspect of nutrition and how can it be easily rectified? [10:00]

  • Kiah chooses 2 foods that she would add to everybody’s plate tonight if she could. [12:25]

  • Kiah chats common mistakes encountered when starting a vegan diet. [16:48]

  • Kiah explains why keeping up to date with new research and literature is crucial. [24:14]

  • Kiah and I talk about sustainability, the future of nutrition and why vegan doesn’t always equal healthy. [26:09]

  • How much do you spend on food each week and what is the most expensive thing in your basket? [32:53]

  • Kiah breaks down how she meal preps and what she eats in a day. [40:10]

  • What are your thoughts on the whole wave of influencer marketing in the nutrition and health space? [47:11]

  • Kiah shares some of her favourite nutrition and business-related podcasts. [55:18]

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