#05: How Self-Motivation and Daily Development Creates Longevity | Michael Ferencsik

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Michael Ferencsik (@plantphysiqueandnutrition) is a natural bodybuilding (INBA PNBA) hall-of-famer from Naples, Florida. Michael operates a fitness training and nutrition facility called Plant Physique and Nutrition where he shares the knowledge that he has gained over the past 43 years with his dedicated clients. At 56 years old, Michael still takes part in competitive bodybuilding and showcases his talents as a plant-based bodybuilder. The experience that Michael has gained as a fitness instructor is unrivalled and is a testament to his dedication, work ethic and ability to adapt over time.

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  • Introduction to Michael Ferencsik. [0:49]

  • Michael shares his story of becoming a fitness instructor and competitive bodybuilder. [3:42]

  • What kind of reception have you had from other bodybuilders not that you’re consuming a plant-based diet? [8:46]

  • Michael goes into detail about the role of protein and carbohydrates in bodybuilding and how much he used to consume. [12:11]

  • What keeps you motivated to get into the gym everyday? [17:17]

  • Michael talks about his experience with meditation and the benefits of practicing mindfulness. [19:08]

  • Michael discusses the importance of focusing on a comprehensive approach to training. [27:09]

  • Michael describes the direct influence that Arnold Schwarzenegger had on his career. [35:09]

  • How has the bodybuilding industry changed over the decades and where do you see it going in the future? [42:03]

  • Are there any elite plant-based bodybuilders at the moment? [48:28]

  • Michael shares what he eats in a typical day. [50:23]

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