#06: Celebrating Small Victories and Not Getting Hung Up On Specifics | Matt Ruscigno

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Matt Ruscigno (@mattruscigno) is a registered dietitian that has been vegan for over 20 years. Matt's interest in veganism was sparked from an early age and influenced by punk rock and skateboarding subcultures of the 1990s. Matt later studied nutrition and completed his master's degree from Loma Linda University and now offers consults through his website and is often involved in speaking events where he promotes a plant-based diet. Matt has also competed in a number of long-distance running and cycling events totally fuelled on a vegan diet.

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  • Introduction to Matt Ruscigno. [2:51]

  • Matt shares his story of finding veganism through punk rock and skateboarding and how that evolved into studying nutrition. [4:20]

  • Matt talks about his past as a meat eater and the role of plant-based alternatives. [8:53]

  • When you went vegan in 1996, did you have any opponents to your lifestyle? [13:03]

  • Matt gives his advice for newcomers to the diet and points to ways to become more involved in the community. [15:20]

  • Do you prefer the term plant-based or vegan? And for you, what factors differentiate the two terms? [17:33]

  • What nutritional information about plant-based diets do you think is rarely touched on? [19:22]

  • What does it take to become a dietitian? [29:50]

  • Do you feel like there is any stigma around men working in a female dominated industry like dietetics? [31:31]

  • Matt talks about his passion for biking and his experience bike touring across different countries. [47:36]

  • Matt shares his highlight from his latest holiday in Hong Kong and how to get cheap flight tickets. [50:28]

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