#07: Trading Addictive Habits For Life As An Endurance Athlete | Vlad Ixel

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Vlad Ixel (@vladixel) is an endurance runner and full-time athlete for The North Face team, based out of Perth Australia. Each year, Vlad competes in up to 40 races ranging from trail runs to triathlons and ultramarathons, often coming first. In this episode, Vlad shares his story of replacing his unhealthy, addictive habits for running long-distance races. Vlad shares all his race results and offers online coaching on his website.

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  • Introduction to Vlad Ixel. [1:13]

  • Vlad talks about his latest race in the HK100. [2:52]

  • Vlad shares his story about being addicted to nicotine and alcohol. [5:06]

  • Vlad talks about what how his dad inspired his journey to start running. [9:17]

  • Vlad talks about how he prepares for doing these long endurance events. [17:04]

  • Vlad talks about how the financial support for the athletes and how the events are ran. [21:13]

  • Vlad talks about his lack of injuries despite his heavy workload. [25:52]

  • What’s your experience been like when it comes to controlling the mind and silencing those voices that are telling you to quit? [28:59]

  • What kind of foods and drinks do you use to fuel and sustain yourself on a race that is that long, man? [35:48]

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