#08: Curing A Painful Autoimmune Disease With Whole Plant Foods | Dr. Ben Benulis

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Dr. Ben Benulis (@dr.benjaminbenulis) is a chiropractor and passionate plant-based advocate. Dr. Ben was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in his late 20s after working a demanding job as an engineer for 10 years. After developing and suffering from a range of debilitating symptoms, a food-allergy test revealed a number of intolerances that led Ben on his path to a whole-foods plant-based diet and create a blueprint showcasing how he regained his health.

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  • Introduction to Dr. Ben Benulis. [1:34]

  • Dr. Ben talks about his health journey and why he got started studying to become a chiropractor. [2:41]

  • How he developed an auto-immune disease in his late 20’s. [4:50]

  • How he connected diet with his condition and how much his food allergy tested revealed. [6:20]

  • Dr. Ben talks about how completing a Tough Mudder event turned him into a vegan. [14:49]

  • Was there any particular plant-based athlete that influenced you to take up more exercise? [19:09]

  • What kind of advice can you give someone with the goal of completing their first half-marathon? [21:56]

  • Dr. Ben talks about his work as a chiropractor. [25:37]

  • What can people do at home to prevent any misalignments? [30:19]

  • Dr. Ben talks about spending his spare time on stage doing stand up comedy. [34:17]

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