#09: Investing In Health and Starting a Thriving Plant-Based Family | Hannah Jo

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Hannah Jo (@plantmamaessentials) is an online influencer and passionate plant-based mother. Growing up, Hannah suffered from a number of irritable symptoms ranging from acne to constant strep throat and dental decay. Trying to reclaim her health, Hannah swapped her bone broths for juicing and lost 40 lbs in her first month - she eventually lost 85 lbs in total and overcame all of her debilitating issues. Hannah now helps other mothers online and helps them to fuel thriving plant-based families.

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  • Introduction to Hannah Jo. [1:56]

  • Hannah shares her trials and errors as she attempted to regain her health whilst being a new mother. [8:52]

  • What is the earliest memory you have of connecting food with health? [26:02]

  • Hannah describes what it is like to raise a vegan child and the criticism and judgement she encounters. [27:56]

  • Hannah and I discuss the new 2019 dietary guidelines released by Canada. [41:14]

  • Hannah talks about her experience unschooling her daughter. [45:02]

  • Hannah shares what she has been obsessed with lately. [53:12]

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