#10: Giving Yourself Permission To Follow Your True Passion | Sonya Looney


Sonya Looney (@sonyalooney1) is a world champion mountain bike and motivational speaker. Sonya races all over the world in endurance mountain biking events, has a successful podcast and even has a TED Talk under her belt. Sonya is a very passionate and determined athlete and fuels herself solely on a plant-based diet.

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  • Introduction to Sonya Looney. (1:00)

  • Sonya explains how she got into mountain biking by accident (2:55)

  • When did you realise you could take mountain biking to the next level? (6:20)

  • Sonya talks about how he trains and prepares for such big endurance events (8:40)

  • What are some key bits of advice for newcomers to cycling? (10:45)

  • How do you support yourself financially to race in so many different locations? (13:31)

  • Sonya talks about her experience on a plant-based diet (15:31)

  • Sonya talks about her podcast and its’ objective (22:06)

  • Sonya emphasises the importance of practicing mindfulness (24:26)

  • Sonya talks about her experience doing a TedTalk (28:16)

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