#11: Following The Journey Of Becoming A Plant-Based Nutritionist | Drew Trott

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Drew Trott (@thedrewtrott) is qualified plant-based nutritionist and podcaster. Being exposed to the concept of veganism and conscious eating through punk rock and skateboard culture, Drew followed his passion for health and nutrition from high school through to university. After realising a career in biology was not where his heart was he took a leap of faith and focused his attention on nutrition and has never looked back. Drew now creates podcasts, videos and blogs about how to eat a healthy, sustainable diet as well as offering personal and customised nutrition consultations, meal plans and transition services.

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You can listen to the podcast using the player or via any of the links below.



  • Drew talks about his personal brand and the importance of showing other sides of his personality. [2:48]

  • The growth of the podcast and why consistency is the key. [6:46]

  • Drew shares his story of finding veganism through punk rock. [14:02]

  • The reason why Drew went from studying biology to nutrition. [21:22]

  • Do you think the boom in popularity of veganism is a good or bad thing? [31:25]

  • Drew talks about weird fad diets. [40:08]

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