#12: Quitting Your Job In Pursuit of Promoting Health and Wellness | Seeking Jess

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Seeking Jess (@seekingjessx) is a plant-based influencer with a bachelors degree in Business Management and Marketing. Jess is a social media influencer that produces a tonne of content on all Instagram and YouTube about veganism, nutrition, cooking and personal development. Jess quit her successful marketing job in order to follow her true passion and focus all of her attention and efforts on plant-based nutrition.

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  • Introduction to Seeking Jess. (1:19)

  • Jess shares her love of Barcelona and its’ many vegan options  (15:56)

  • Jess tells us some of her favourite meals to make. (19:22)

  • What’s been the most surprising you’ve learnt since starting your nutrition studies. (21:09)

  • Jess talks us through her goals in nutrition. (23:30)

  • How has your online content changed since going vegan? (25:40)

  • Jess talks about the foods she ate on a recent trip to India. (29:50)

  • Jess shares her tips for travelling vegans. (36:10) 

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