#13: Finding Your Niche And Giving Back To The Skate Community | Johnny Lozano

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Johnny Lozano (@flatbar_energy) is a long-time skateboarder and new entrepreneur. Johnny is a former corporate attorney that put his career on the back burner to focus his efforts on giving back to the skateboarding community by way of a successful plant-based blog, Salad Grinds & Bean Plants and newly developed range of energy bars called FLATBAR.

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  • Introduction to Johnny Lozano. [1:50]

  • Johnny describes what drew him to skateboarding. [6:31]

  • Johnny shares his thoughts about the future of skateboarding given the inclusion of the sport in the 2020 olympics. [12:11]

  • At what point did veganism enter your radar? [15:20]

  • Johnny talk about the popularity of veganism within the skateboarding world. [19:50]

  • Johnny discusses the reason why he started his food blog Salad Grinds and Bean Plants. [25:26]

  • How did the inception of FLATBAR energy come about? [28:14]

  • What is the future of FLATBAR? [34:58]

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