#14: Betting On Yourself And Enjoying The Climb Towards Self Employment | Jacob McGinness

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Jacob McGinness (@theplantpotential) is a plant-based accredited dietitian and personal trainer based in Melbourne, Australia. For the last few months, Jacob has been very active online and has been creating a bunch of content on his social media accounts and performing personalised consultations, highlighting the health benefits of a vegan diet.

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  • Introduction to Jacob McGinness (02:47)

  • Jacob describes how he came to the realisation that self-employment as a dietitian was the goal (07:43)

  • Do you recall learning about different aspects of vegan diets during your degree? (10:43)

  • What’s the most contentious topic you hear about vegan diets? (13:36)

  • Jacob talks about what eventually helped him turn vegan. (16:29)

  • Jacob breaks down his day-to-day diet (21:25)

  • Jacob shares his tips for building muscle on a vegan diet. (31:15)

  • What are some good vegan restaurants in Melbourne? (37:25)

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