#15: Living By Example and Taking The Plunge On New Endeavours | Dr. Kasey Johnson

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Dr. Kasey Johnson (@drkaseyjohnson) is a chiropractor, podcaster and plant-based influencer. Kasey completed her bachelors degree in Exercise Physiology at the University of Virginia with the aim of helping others improve their health. Kasey started working as a chiropractor prior to launching the successful Unlock Wellness podcast which now has nearly 200 episodes to date.

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You can listen to the podcast using the player or via any of the links below.



  • Introduction to Dr. Kasey Johnson. (3:21)

  • Kasey describes her experience changing to a plant-based diet. (11:31)

  • Kasey talks about raising a vegan child. (14:55)

  • Kasey chats about the release of her first children’s book. (23:01)

  • Kasey outlines why she became a chiropractor. (27:50)

  • What are some things people can do at home to help their spine and posture? (32:01)

  • Kasey talks about the Unlock Wellness podcast. (36:20)

  • Kasey shares her dream guests to interview. (46:10) 

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