#16: Getting Minimal and Embracing Van Life | Ana Alarcón

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Ana Alarcón (@anaalarcón) is an online influencer and fitness instructor. Ana is passionate about good food, fitness and all-things travel and shares her journey on YouTube and her blog. Ana and her partner, Matt, recently started their van life adventure, travelling across the globe and exploring what the world has to offer.

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You can listen to the podcast using the player or via any of the links below.



  • Introduction to Ana. (2:51)

  • Ana explains how her diet has become more accepted over time. (11:26)

  • Ana shares her favourite veganised Mexican meal. (14:11)

  • Why she started posting about her health and fitness journal. (17:52)

  • How Ana and her partner Matt got interested in van life. (20:41)

  • Ana gives advice to anyone considering the van life. (25:23)

  • Ana shares some tips for cooking on the road. (32:06)

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