#17: Transforming and Defining Your Purpose | Plant Based Ben (Ben Raue)


Ben Raue (@plantbasedben) is a certified personal trainer, hypnotherapist and meditation coach. Ben grew up fascinated with nature documentaries which led him to study environmental science at the University of Illinois. Realising his passion was waning, Ben started to focus on different avenues of wellness and personal development like meditation, hypnotherapy and nutrition. After eating a junk food vegan diet for 2 years in his early 40s, Ben committed to prioritising his health and began a 90 day transformation period dropping from 18 to 10% body fat.

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  • Introduction to Ben Raue. (1:33)

  • Ben discusses the effect of animal agriculture on our environment. (9:58)

  • What else can people do, other than changing their diet, to help the environment? (16:02)

  • Ben describes why he went vegan and how his diet evolved. (17:48)

  • Ben breaks down how he trained during his 90 day transformation. (31:27)

  • Ben talks about defining your purpose and setting goals. (36:55)

  • Ben talks about his Instagram account and his role in social media. (45:22)

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