#18: The Importance of Animal Rights Activism | The Cheesy Vegan

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The Cheesy Vegan (@the.cheesy.vegan) is a passionate animal rights activist and social media influencer. In this conversation, we chat about the current role of animal activists, why spreading awareness is so important and how to overcome objections to veganism effectively.

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You can listen to the podcast using the player or via any of the links below.



  • Introduction to The Cheesy Vegan. (3:57)

  • The importance of having peaceful vegan protests. (13:49)

  • Using the words ‘militant’ and ‘extremists’ to describe activists. (19:06)

  • What it is like attending your first activism event. (22:24)

  • Overcoming objections about veganism. (26:17)

  • What it takes to be an effective activist. (28:34)

  • Simple ways of being an activist. (47:43)

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